Zoom Your iPhone Photos Further than Ever!🔍

Published by: Josh Brown

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Ready for another iPhone tip?🔥
Today, we'll talk about another special feature introduced by Apple in its new iOS.

How close can you come?

Starting from iOS 14, you can zoom your photos way further. Closer than ever!🔎 
This doesn't always give you a super-clear image quality but it allows you to inspect images closer. This allows you to see each and every detail without excess effort. 
zoom pictures on iPhone
To zoom your image deeper, just double-tap on a picture and then continue zooming with your fingers, just like you did earlier.
super-zoom your iPhone photos
Zoom till you reach the limit. Sorted! Now you can count the exact number of people on your pic of Shibuya street in Tokyo or detect all the leaves on the nearby-growing tree.
You'll see the details you couldn't find with earlier iOS versions, that's verified âœ…
zoom iPhone photos even further
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