What does Apple Inc. think of WALTR?

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Updated: Jul 31, 2019

You’re safe & I promise ‘Apple’ will not come in between us.

I’m going to jump straight to the point…

We received tons of feedback and feature requests – but a very popular question was:

Will ‘Apple’ disable our “hack” & prevent the app from working as intended?


As you know, iOS is the most locked & encrypted operating system in the world… We’ve spent the last 2 years figuring out how exactly it works with its media files. All of our time and money were invested into this research. As a result – we created a unique technology that allows us to bypass all ‘barriers’, which set your iPhone free of any restrictions.

This technology includes very ‘low-level’ coding and this makes it even more reliable.

…will ‘Apple’ be able to take your FREEDOM?

Using WALTR does not violate any Apple device's warranty or user license agreements. Therefore, Apple cannot restrict anybody from using an alternate way to put media files on their devices. WALTR is the smartest bypass ever made because NO changes are made to both iOS device (unlike Jailbreak) & OS X.

No laws or agreements are violated and this makes WALTR – truly the most advanced companion app for iPhone & iPad to the date.


Even if there’s an update for iOS/OS X/iTunes, we’ll make WALTR work in the shortest time possible. Therefore, we commit to provide a secure experience for you.


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