Welcome Big Sur & New MacBooks!⚡️

Published by: Josh Brown

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

We're so excited about the launch of the new Macs and the Big Sur!🔥

This just in: Apple has released new Macs that are going to be available pretty soon. Since the Big Sur is already available and we had the chance to run some tests for our apps, we officially can state that ALL our apps are compatible with the new MacOS. 💪🏻

As for the new silicone Macs, we've already pre-ordered the new models so that we could run the app tests on the new hardware. So this means that as soon as we get the new hardware, we'll be able to finally announce that we'll be compatible with the new computers!

We're commited to this promise and believe to receive the new Macs and break the good news to you ASAP, so stay tuned for more and stay excited!♥️


Josh Brown
Josh Brown

Marketing Director at Softorino



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