WALTR Celebrates Its Second Birthday

Published by: Julia Nash

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

It’s been 2 years since WALTR was brought to the light. For that time – it was the first big product developed by Softorino. Our first big thing. Since then, it got more than 100K downloads and more than 10K active users a day!

Now – let’s take a quick flashback behind its creation story.

The Story

Believe it or not, but the actual prototype for WALTR was iTunes. In the beginning our developers dedicated themselves to create a simple iTunes alternative but without any format impediments.

However, after analyzing users’ needs and the market itself, it turned out that the majority of users need just a simple way to drop media on iPhone. That’s how WALTR was born – a black drop-zone window with no settings or buttons.

BTW, while working on WALTR, we actually developed the little & handy iBetterCharge, that sends a notification on your Mac when your iPhone needs some energy. Not many people know that both apps are using quite a similar technology.

Evolution of WALTR

During these 2 years, WALTR was constantly evolving. A lot of features that you love were added to WALTR after its release. For instance, subtitles support and compatibility with WAV and FLV formats were added in the later versions. In total, for 2 years we released 22 updates!

But as you all know – the major redesign & makeover was introduced in WALTR 2 (just 2 weeks ago). A whole lot of new amazing features were added to the application, including eBooks support and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Bottom Line

Well, we hope you enjoyed this 2-year journey! In the future, we promise more cool features and more surprises. Stay updated with our Softorino Diary 🙂

Julia Nash
Julia Nash

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