WALTR is On Amazon But You Won’t Find it

Published by: Julia Nash

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Some time ago, we analysed what Amazon has to offer for customers like ours – the ones who would love to enjoy high quality content on their iPhones.

The experiment is simple. All you do is just type something like ‘video converter for iPad’ in the search bar.

The result – you will only find the applications that have been on Amazon like forever. In 9 cases out of 10 they are bloated, out of date and slow. Nevertheless – people have no choice but to use them.

Now, when WALTR is on Amazon, this can finally change.

We all know that WALTR deserves to be in the top. If you tried the app, you know how simple it is. It’s a no secret – this solution already proved to be useful for thousands of people worldwide.

So if you love the way WALTR works, if you think that users should have the best value for their money – please leave a review on WALTR Amazon page & help us spread the word out!

If you’re a Mac OS user, here you’ll find WALTR for Mac on Amazon, If you’re running on Windows – take the scoop of WALTR for PC here.

Julia Nash
Julia Nash

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