WALTR 2 — iBooks Support (PDFs, EPUBs & Audiobooks)

Published by: Julia Nash

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

WALTR 2 brings support for iBooks.

The original WALTR app already supported native iOS Music & Videos apps. How will this new feature change your interaction with the iBooks app?

WALTR 2 is Simply Convenient

Now, WALTR 2 fully supports Apple iBooks. You can simply drag-and-drop any PDF, EPUB or M4B Audiobook and they will be immediately transferred into your iPhone’s, iPad’s or iPod’s iBooks app without any unnecessary iTunes hassle.

Full Support for PDF & ePUB

No more complicated workarounds to get that PDF document onto your iPhone. You don’t even have to send anyone an email (old school style) with an attached document, so you can have it on your device! These times are finally over. Just drag-and-drop any PDF or EPUB book/document you have into WALTR’s circle and you will get it on your device instantly.

Audiobooks Playback

Don’t feel like reading? — Then just listen to your audiobooks inside iBooks! WALTR 2 lets you transfer any M4B audiobooks & get them in your iDevice’s iBooks app in no time. No syncing, no workarounds, no pain. Just drag-and-drop and start listening. — It just doesn’t get easier than this.

The Bottom Line

WALTR 2 is a massive step forward. WALTR used to be strictly an entertainment app (it could only transfer music, videos and ringtones) but now many business people are also on board & happy WALTR 2 users.

Have you tried the all-new WALTR 2 yet? You can download it for free here.

PS. Have you already tried transferring books with WALTR 2? Don’t just hold it to yourself — share it with your friends! ✌🏻


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