Is It Possible to Sync iPhone with More than 2 Computers and NOT Loose Data?

Published by: Natali Solovyova

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

(SPOILER: no. 🙂)

iTunes is tricky. It looks like Apple devs made sure that all their customers will spend $$$ in iTunes media store. The truth is – it’s just impossible to sync iPhone with 2 computers. As a result, you can’t share content from iTunes libraries.

Why won’t Apple Let you Sync your iPhone with 2 & more Computers?

Well, Apple doesn’t let you sync your iPhone with 2 computers as you might want to share your iTunes media with friends & family instead of purchasing it.

This way, every time you try to sync your iPhone with another computer – you will get errors. Worst of all – you might loose media files already existing on your iPhone.

This is quite reasonable. But what if you have two different computers at home and at work? You don’t want to pay twice for the content you purchased.

Lame. ;(

Is there a Solution?

The only possible workaround here is to use third-party apps. WALTR 2 from Softorino actually lets you transfer media from your computer to ANY Apple device. WALTR can add files to an unlimited number of iPhones without syncing your entire device. Therefore – you will NOT lose any files you already have on your device.

You won’t need to use iTunes if you want to add any files to your device. If your iPhone is ALREADY synced with 1 computer, you might just use WALTR 2 on the other one. The principle is in sharing media between any amount of devices without losing data or errors related.


WALTR will add content to any iPhone:

  • Quickly

  • With no loss of quality or size limits

  • Via WI-FI or USB

  • With no hassle

The app is free to download and gives a 24-hour trial. You can download it both on macOS & Windows computers.

All it takes from you is 3 easy steps to get any song or video you like without iTunes syncing.

Set your timers! You’ll see how fast WALTR 2 is.

Step 1. Launch & Connect

In WALTR 2, there’s a WI-FI Connectivity option. Go to Preferences and enable it. If both your devices are connected to the same network, WALTR will transfer your files wirelessly.

(But still, you can use a USB cord.)

Launch WALTR & Connect your iPhone to a computer

Step 2. Drag & Drop

Choose all the files you’d like to transfer to your iPhone/iPad or iPod. You may create a folder on your desktop or take each file separately.

Drag and drop a file into WALTR

Drag this file/folder and drop in the app. The transfer will start automatically. A few more seconds aaand…

Step 3. Voila! You’ve made it in just few Minutes!

That’s it, guys. After you see “Transfer Complete” you can start working with your files on your Apple device.

Where can I Find the Downloaded Files?

Depending on the type of the files, you’ll find them exactly where they belong.

  • You’ll find all your songs in the default Music app

  • All the movies, shows etc will lend in Videos or TV app

  • Books, PDFs/EPUBs will go to iBooks

So, you don’t have to share Libraries and lose data anymore! You can have any media file on your Apple gadget.

And yes, any media file means ANY. Let me show you which formats WALTR 2 supports:

  • Video: MKV, AVI, MP4, MOV, MPEG, m2ts, 3GP, WMV, H264, H265;

  • Audio: MP3, FLAC, APE, ALAC, AAC, AIFF, WAV, WMA, OGG, OGA, WV, TTA, DFF, M4R Ringtones;

  • eBooks: PDF, ePub.

There’s still lots and lots to download to your Apple gadget, so why not start right now??

Natali Solovyova
Natali Solovyova

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