Stop Going Through Hell With iTunes! 🔥

Published by: Julia Nash

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Let’s be honest.

Going through hell to transfer media files to your iPhone is just wrong.

In this blog post we decided to compare iTunes & WALTR. It’s no secret, that many users face format barrier in Tunes on a daily basis. They have to go through hell simply to put movie on iPad. This is just crazy!

Here’s how the Hell looks like:

iTunes Hell vs WALTR heaven

Let’s say, that you have an MKV (Matroska) movie file. But iTunes just won’t sync it. Obviously, you will need to convert your MKV file to the format Apple can read, for example – MP4. This can take ages! After converting is done – you need to launch iTunes & sync your device. This will take you at least 10-30 minutes.

Meanwhile, you can use WALTR for transferring media. We call this HEAVEN.

  • Open WALTR & connect your device

  • Drag MKV into the drop zone. The transfer begins immediately!

  • Finished! 🙂 Locate your movie on your Apple device.

As you can see, WALTR is much easier compared to the first solution! Best of all, there’s no format barrier and you will save tons of time. After converting, your files will be available from the stock Apple apps ( &

But’s that’s not all. If you LOVE WALTR , we have a great news for you! This week Softorino is running an exclusive 50% discount on WALTR 2. Simply apply ‘HEAVEN’ discount code to redeem your copy.

Bottom Line

Hands down, out of all Apple products, iTunes is an odd duck. It’s overloaded and hard to use. It’s has tons of limitations and doesn’t accept popular media formats like MKV, AVI or FLAC.

On the other hand, you can transfer any kind of media with WALTR. All you need to do is just drop any file (regardless of its format) into the app – and it will automatically appear on your device!


Julia Nash
Julia Nash

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