Once you try WALTR – your skepticism quickly disappears

Published by: Julia Nash

Updated: Jul 31, 2019


It’s time to get put end to the ‘skeptical’ opinion of WALTR.


Just recently, we received a coverage story on CNET by Jason Cipriani.

Long story short – when I told Jason about the app and what it can do, he was pretty skeptical about it because we’re all just so used to going through so many steps before putting unsupported videos or songs to our iOS devices.


After he tried it – his “skepticism quickly disappeared”.

If you’re still reading this… and if you’re still ‘skeptical’ about WALTR…and if you think “why not iTunes?” or “VLC, which is free?“

I’d like to share with you a few “facts”…

  • Fact 1. WALTR is the first Mac app in the world to allow users upload and playback unsupported formats such as MKV, AVI, FLAC & more – directly from the native Videos/Music app.

  • Fact 2. This is the same app that discovered 4K video playback on iPhone 6. FYI, even Forbes USA picked it up.

  • Fact 3. An awesomely cool app name.Inspired by Walter White from Breaking Bad.

  • Fact 4. It’s shockingly Fast – the avg. upload speed is 2GB in under 1 Minute!

  • Fact 5. It has the most simply UI possible. Just drag & drop.

  • Fact 6. It doesn’t make you go through any extra steps, i.e convert files before-hand nor install 3rd party iOS apps. Play everything natively.

  • Fact 7. WALTR is not on the Mac App Store because it is too useful in terms of sidestepping frustrating limitations imposed by iTunes.

  • Fact 8. Full 24/7 Phone & Email Support.

A whole team of live human OS X professionals got your back.

To end this – I would like to say that… Freedom is yours. It’s your choice of course… but please know that WALTR is more than just an app that is available for 30 lousy bucks. It’s an experience.

P.S. Try it – and if there’s something you love or hate about it – let me know in comments 😉


Julia Nash
Julia Nash

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