New Magical Feature in Softorino YouTube Converter!

Published by: Julia Nash

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Hey guys!

Are you ready to hear about amazing new feature in Softorino YouTube Converter 2?


Today while playing around with our macOS app Softorino YouTube Converter – we accidentally discovered a new hidden feature. It helps you download YouTube videos even faster than before!

What we have discovered 💡

Turns out that if you copy any online video’s link on your iPhone – SYC 2 will automagically pull it up on your desktop. And all you need to do is to click ‘Convert and Transfer to iPhone’ button.

But wait – here’s a video proof:

Why is this happening?

In macOS Sierra Apple introduced a brand new feature – Continuity. It helps you move seamlessly across all your devices. There are a whole variety of ways that it can help you with. For example:

  • Handoff – start a document, email or a message on one device and pick it up on another one.

  • Auto Unlock – Easily unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch, without entering your password!

  • Universal Clipboard – Copy text, images, videos on 1 device & paste into the other one.

  • Instant Hotspot – Connect to your iphone’s hotspot without any setup

  • Phone Calls – Use your Mac to answer phone calls.

  • SMS Messages – Text your friends right from your Mac!

  • AirDrop – Instantly share files across all your Apple devices

What are the requirements?

You will have to be signed in to the same Apple id & iCloud account on your Mac and iPhone. Also, connect them to the same Wi-Fi network and switch on Bluetooth on your both devices.

One more thing…

Make sure the Handoff is enabled on your Mac. Here’s how you do this:

On your desktop, go to the ‘Apple Preferences’ > ‘General’. Afterwards, check mark ‘Allow Handoff between this Mac and iCloud devices’

iTunes requirements

Perfect! 👏

Now you’re ready to try Continuity and SYC 2 working together. Let us know how it worked for you in the comments!


Julia Nash
Julia Nash

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