Marketing at Softorino Revealed. Part 1 - Emails.

Published by: Julia Nash

Updated: Jul 31, 2019


Right now we are going to open up a secret door every company has. This is the door other companies shut on 1000 locks and would never let you in – Email Marketing.

Well– we’re not some ‘other’ company.

So let’s dive right in:

We all get tons of emails on a daily basis. And sure thing – a huge part of them are just spammy and empty advertising emails (high five, brother, we all get them.)

You’d never even open one, right?

In any case, by the number of emails you get – you can figure out how significant email marketing is for every, every company in the world.

Softorino isn’t an exception.

We work carefully on every single email we send out. Sometimes the whole marketing team’s just sitting there for hours thinking of one simple emoji for the subject line.

Winking or smiling? The choice is so so tough.

Generally, there are 3 main points we pay attention to when composing an email:

  • Design (that is – make it look pretty)

  • Content (that is – make it look clever)

  • Exclusiveness

Case Study: Here’s the peek at one of the last emails that we’ve sent. While working on it, we tried to combine all techniques described above.


Another important thing is the schedule for sending out the emails. Or more accurately – its absence.

We at Softorino do not have a rigid plan that we follow when sending out emails. We simply break the news when we have them. And lately we have more of them than usual! Just take a peek at our summer calendar:


So in the end, speak your mind in the comments! What do you think of Email Marketing at Softorino?


Julia Nash
Julia Nash

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