Touch Bar in MacBook Pro 2016 — Leaked Images

Published by: Julia Nash

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Apple had a new release of MacOS Sierra 10.12.1 this week.

It included a hidden image of Apple Pay showing off new MacBook Pro featuring an OLED touch panel aka Magic Toolbar.

We can clearly see from this picture a few key changes:

1) It no longer has an ESC button! The whole roll of function keys is absent now & substituted with a new touch sensitive line-panel.

2) It has a Touch ID aka finger print scanner now.

3) There are finally speakers on both of the sides of this 13-inch model.

4) The «MacBook Pro» sign is BACK!

By the way, the keyboard looks a bit thinner but it is hard to tell.

At Softorino, we decided to experiment how WALTR 2 users might take advantage of this new cool Magic Toolbar by Apple and transfer their media to any of their portable Apple devices. [This is just a concept].

Anyway, we are all excited for today’s Apple reveal of the new line-up of their MacBook Pros and cannot wait to see them officially presented at the Keynote!

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Julia Nash
Julia Nash

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