Introducing: Blockbuster Kit for Millions of Movie lovers!

Published by: Julia Nash

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Movie industry is in the spotlight of the whole world. Latest technological advancements let filmmakers reproduce any unforgettable scene you can imagine. Without a question, the movie art now has the abilities it never possessed before.

For all the movie lovers out there, we prepared an exclusive for this Black Friday. As usual – you won’t meet a deal like this anywhere else. It’s not your regular bundle of junk apps, a sale or a trivial 20% discount nobody cares about.

The Blockbuster Kit, that we introduce for the second time, is an all-in-one solution for all your movie needs. Stream a movie to your Apple TV, enhance your sound quality, watch it on-the-go on your iPad, add subtitles or store it nicely in your iTunes library… this are just some of the things a Blockbuster kit can help you with.

This is just how you can bring the world of cinema directly to your room and onto your cosy sofa.

Because there is no one who doesn’t love movies (is there any?), our Blockbuster Kit is aimed to enhance your movie experience as much as possible.

“We — as indie developers of these 7 apps, have gathered together to deliver the most essential event for movie lovers in 2016. It’s the 2nd iteration of the hit success launched in 2015. This collection is an all-in-one solution for Mac users who love watching movies. Every single app here is a blockbuster itself. We all have our own story, but we all share the same goal — to improve your movie watching experience as much as possible, on any device.

… For a limited time, and for the 2nd year in a row — we unite together, this time with even more indie devs, to bring you the best of experiences in a single Blockbuster Kit.”

The Blockbuster Kit‘17 consists of 7 macOS apps:

  • Boom 2 – World’s most advanced Mac app for sound boosting.

  • Beamer 3 – The easiest way to stream directly from your Mac to Apple TV

  • WALTR 2 – World’s fastest way to get any movie into your iPhone & iPad.

  • Softorino YouTube Converter – Great way to watch YouTube offline on your Mac & iPhone.

  • iFlicks 2 – The most precise way to tag your movies with metadata.

  • Permute 2– The Mac’s best video converter with a beautiful interface.

  • iSubtitle 3 – Easiest way to add subtitles & chapters into your movies.

Click here to go and check out Blockbuster Kit’17.

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Julia Nash
Julia Nash

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