How to Use iPhone Screen Time in The Most Efficient Way 💪🏻

Published by: Josh Brown

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

How do you use your iPhone Screen Time? And do you use it at all?

We've done a small research and want to share our findings about its main functions. We think you could use some of them

1️⃣ You can use a Screen Time Passcode if you want to secure your Screen Time settings and finagle more time with an app if the set amount of time expires.

2️⃣ Monitor multiple devices. Just tap on Share Across Devices button if you have more than one iOS device and want to record and view your Screen Time across them all. Enable two-factor authentication for that!

3️⃣ Set Communication Limits. Here, you can control communications from other people via phone calls, FaceTime, text messages, or iCloud. You can then set who has permission to contact you while Screen Time is activated.

4️⃣ Activate Content & Privacy Restrictions. Here, you can allow or disallow specific content, privacy settings, and other changes. Turn on the switch for Content & Privacy Restrictions.

5️⃣ Set App Limits, Downtime, and a Parent Passcode for kids

6️⃣ Monitor app usage, set an App Limit Warning, restrict app purchases, and more!

By the way, are you using any of these functions? Which one's the most useful? Drop us a comment!

Have a great weekend and stay tuned for more!🔥


Josh Brown
Josh Brown

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