How to Share Live Photos as Instagram Stories on iPhone

Published by: Josh Brown

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

I can bet you all have tried shooting Live Photos at least once. It's a cool option that allows to catch more than just a memorable moment 😌

Plus, Live Photos can also be useful for creating GIFs and merging videos, so this is practically great tech advancement.

BUT did you know that you can turn them into your Instagram Stories? (for us, it was quite a revelation)

So how can you do it?

This is actually pretty easy so once you've learned how to do it, you won't get enoug of Insta-Live Photos. 🔥

So here goes:

Step 1. Go to Instagram and tap on the Camera icon on the top-left corner

Save Live Photos as Insta-Stories on iPhone

Step 2. Choose "Preview Image"

Live Photos as Insta-Stories on iPhone

Step 3.  Tap "Live Photo". Long press on it. The pic will be converted into in a Boomerang

Live Photos as instagram stories on iPhone

Step 4.  Tap on YourStories to Post it on your Instagram account.


That's practically everything you need to do to make your dreams come true

Have you already tried this Insta-feature? Do you post or shoot Live Photos? Drop us a comment!


Josh Brown
Josh Brown

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