How to Record Your iPhone Screen (Super-Fast)

Published by: Josh Brown

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Hey there, Softorino fans!

Ready for another #iphonetipoftheday? Sure you are!

Have you ever wanted to save a funny video from Instagram or record an iPhone tutorial? We know how to do it without any third-party apps!

So how to record your iPhone screen in no time? Here goes:

Step 1. Open Settings ➜ Tap on Control Center

Photo 2020 11 19 13.15.02

Step 2. Tap on Customize Controls

Photo 2020 11 19 13.15.03

Step 3. Tap on the green 'plus' button to add Screen Recording in Control Center

Step 4. Swipe Up from Home Screen to Open Control Center. (Swipe down from the top right corner to bring down Control Center in iPhone X or later)

Photo 2020 11 19 13.15.05

Step 5. Tap on Screen Recording Button to Start the Recording. Countdown begins for Screen Recording

Easy, right? Real talk.

Share with us what you usually record with your iPhone? Drop us a comment and stay tuned for more!♥️

If you want to do screen recording in Windows or Mac, there are many softwares which can also help you to record the screen. Some of them are free and paid. We found the Camtasia very popular & useful, if you want to know more you can check the Camtasia reviews & features on the web.

Josh Brown
Josh Brown

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