How to Clear Space on iPhone (Without Removing ANY Content!)

Published by: Julia Nash

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Our last post was devoted to Clearing up Space on Mac. Such a trivial topic as this one, but, unexpectedly, the post proved to be a real hit.

Therefore, because of numerous requests, we decided to make a small follow-up. This time we focused on tips and tricks on how to free up space on iOS.

It’s a no-brainer that with WALTR you can quickly fill up your device’s storage. Any movie or music could be added to your iPhone in seconds.

FYI, that’s how you can tell whether a person uses WALTR. Simply by analyzing their iPhone.

Either way, if your device doesn’t have much storage by default, it can become quite a hiccup to find some free space.

But stay calm, there are still some cool & helpful tricks letting you quickly gain your Gigabytes back. What’s the most important – you don’t need to remove any content from your device. So breathe out, your fave pet videos will stay where they are 🙂

Pro Tips: How to clear space on your iPhone

Tip 1. Take advantage of iCloud service.

Free iCloud Library may not be too huge (5GB only), but still, it’s a good way to store your photos. Once you switch on the ‘Optimize Storage’ feature, all your photos in full resolution will be automatically saved in your iCloud Photo Library. Whereas their small space-saving versions will be kept on your iPhone.

To turn the feature on, go to > Photos & Camera> optimize Storage > iCloud Photo Library.

How to clear space on iPhone

Tip 2. What’s inside the ‘Other’ folder?

When connecting your iPhone to iTunes, you can notice the ‘Other’ folder in the Summary tab. It consists of cached materials, messages, web browsing history, etc.

iTunes shows what your storage is filled with

But you do not need to remove it manually – this is not how things work on iPhone. Cache gets removed on its own. But if the size of the ‘other’ folder is drastically huge – there’s a workaround to handle this.

Try removing the Messages data you’ve got on your iPhone. If you’ve been using iPhone for a long, you might have gathered a pretty nice chunk of them.

Go to Settings > Messages > Message History > Keep Messages, select a time parameter, then click Delete.

One option is to delete older messages

Tip 3. Update to a newer iOS via iTunes.

Frequently, it happens – you can’t upgrade to the latest iOS because of the low storage capacity. Well, now try to update your iOS after connecting your iPhone to your machine.

Launch iTunes and select ‘Check for Update’ in the Summary plane. You’ll be able to install the latest iOS version via iTunes.

Tip 4. Keep only HDR photos.

If you’re shooting your photos in HDR mode, all the ‘normal’ photos get saved on your device just as well. And why would you need to keep a worse version of the same photo? To make things right – go to Settings > Photos & Camera and deselect ‘Keep Normal Photo’

.Keep normal photo size

Tip 5. The trick with iTunes Movie Store

One of the coolest & unexpected tricks was discovered here in the Reddit thread. The trick is: when you’re running low on storage, go to the iTunes Movie store and try to rent the movie. Keep in mind, it should take up more space than you have on your iPhone.

Of course, you will get declined – but hey, check on your available storage, it should have grown by now.

On the iPhone, that we tested out, we managed to free up only 200 MB. However, according to the comments in the original Reddit thread, some users saved up to 4 GB with this trick.

Don’t forget to let us know in the comments how it worked for you!

Rent the movie

Tip 6. Resurrect the Legacy

This is the tip you won’t find anywhere but here. Turns out – a lot of people are having ‘oldie’ devices like iPod Classic or iPod Nano, or any other iPod at home without actually using them.

Remember what huge storage these devices have? They can hold gigantic music libraries. Thus, by moving your music to iPod, you can free up substantial storage space on your iPhone too.

The all-new WALTR 2 adds support for all the iPods ever released, so it’s a no-brainer to add some tunes to your old good iPod.

Resurrect the legacy iPods

Wrapping up

It really amazes me how you can free up space on iOS without removing any of the content you have. If you are running low on storage – there are always some cool tricks letting you clear up space on your iPhone or iPad.

As a person with huge Android history behind my back, this is what I like about iOS in the first place.

P.S. If you know some other tricks like the above – don’t hesitate and share them all in the comments section!

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