Five Different Ways to Get More Out of SYC PRO

Published by: Josh Brown

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

The main idea behind SYC PRO is to make downloading from YouTube as simple as possible – almost in one click. But you can squeeze out much more value from your SYC.
So we’ve heaped up 5 case scenarios where SYC PRO comes in handy.

1. Watch YT videos on the oldest iPad that doesn’t support the YouTube app anymore

Here’s the story of one SYC PRO user we’ve found in the comments on ProductHunt:

Here’s The Story Of One Syc Pro User We’ve Found In The Comments On Producthunt

“So my story is I have this old iPad I use for in-car entertainment for my kid. It's a pain because the iPad is so old that it does not get the YouTube app anymore. It takes forever to hook it up to my phone's hotspot for an internet connection and open the site in Safari. With SYC, I can simply grab some videos and put them in VLC on the iPad and I'm good to go. Big lifesaver!”

Agree. SYC PRO really could save a life, especially if you have a long car trip with kids 😅. With the YouTube app unable you can download videos to an old iPad and have a piece in the road while your kid is watching YouTube.

2. Listen to your favorite music on the road or while hiking

Just imagine: you are walking in the woods and singing loudly your favorite song. And suddenly 4G drops. The song in your headphones stops playing – you’ve lost that moment forever 😪.

To avoid these disappointing moments you may download music before the trip. Create YouTube Playlist or SoundCloud Album by adding songs that perfectly fit your travel mood and download them all at once for offline playback.

Listen To Your Favorite Music On The Road Or While Hiking

3. Use downloaded videos to create your own media masterpieces

Working as a video editor demands you to compile tons of videos. And one of the ways to get them on your Mac for further editing – is to download using SYC PRO. 

After all the media are imported to your computer, go to any editor app and get started: cut, reverb, add music, etc.

And even if you aren’t a professional editor you still can use downloaded videos for making your own – make memes and funny GIFs, or create a trip summary using different pieces from downloaded videos. It’s all up to you!

Use Downloaded Videos To Create Your Own Media Masterpieces

4. Add videos to your presentation and perform even without Internet connection

Adding a link to YouTube video in your presentation is good, but imagine if it wouldn’t be Wi-Fi available. What’s then? You can’t show the video and may miss an important part of your performance.

The easy solution is to download the desired video and add it itself, not just a link. What’s more, after downloading you can go to any video editor and cut a relevant part of it – no need in presenting the entire video.

Add Videos To Your Presentation And Perform Even Without An Internet Connection

Impress your colleagues or classmates with a stunning presentation by downloading a proper YouTube video.

5. Download videos from your old YouTube channel that you’ve lost access to

I personally had 3 YouTube accounts created. And I successfully forgot the passwords to both – my YT accounts and the emails I used to register. I had nothing to do but have all the created content get stuck in the YouTube servers forever. But this was before SYC, of course 😋.

With it, you can go to your old YouTube video, copy the URL, and download it to your Mac. After that you are free to use it – edit, upload to the new YouTube channel, or just have it saved on your Mac.

Download Videos From Your Old Youtube Channel That You’ve Lost Access To


As you can see there are much more things you can do with your SYC PRO. So go ahead and try it out. 
Maybe we didn’t mention some good cases? You can add to the list in the comments 😉.

Josh Brown
Josh Brown

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