This is How You Can Easily Delete Text Messages on Your iPhone!

Published by: Josh Brown

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Why delete texts on iPhone 🤳🏽

You may not realize this but we receive thousands of notifications, text messages, emails, etc. on our iPhones. Sometimes, it can be a spammy mail, promotional notification from an app, or even sensitive and offensive text message. Well, even I can send something embarrassing sometimes. The only thing that comes to mind when we see them is that we don't want to see these messages in our phones. 

So the reason #1 is that we don't want to see any unpleasant or spammy content. 

The reason #2 is that such messages eat up a lot of iPhone storage (I was shocked when I saw how many MBs are taken only by messages — don't forget about the attachments). 

Any other reasons? Drop us a comment on why you are deleting texts!

So how to delete text messages on iPhone?

We all know how to delete an email or remove a notification from our lock screens. But deleting a text message on iPhone is a bit more complicated. Apple made deleting the whole chat with a person very easy, but to delete a single text requires more steps than just a swipe-right. 

How do we delete them then? This quick step-by-step guide will help you out:

Step 1. Go to the Messages app and choose a conversation where you want to delete a text.

Easily delete text messages on iPhone

Step 2. Tap on a desired message and hold it for a sec.

Easily delete messages on iPhone

Step 3. From the pop-up menu, choose More

Step 4. Tap on a trash icon in the bottom left corner and choose Delete Message

Done! Now you can delete texts, voice messages, and all the spammy stuff that's in your Messages app. Trust me, your iPhone will free up a looot of space after you finish deleting those messages, images, and videos.

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