Create Apple Music Playlists in Seconds!

Published by: Josh Brown

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Music is life for almost everyone of us!🎶

Let's admit this: we all have at least one favourite music band, song, or Apple Music playlist. Hmm, but wait, do you all know how to create playlists yourself?

To create a playlist on your 📱 iPhone yourself, you should decide which songs you'd like to add: these can be sad songs, or birthday tracks, and even some 90s hits for a themed party. We need those playlists!

So please, follow these easy steps to create the ultimate playlist everyone will get jealous of:

1. Go to the default Apple Music app

Add playlists to Apple Music on iPhone

2. Tap on a song you'd like to add

3. Long-press on a song and then tap Add to Playlist

Go to Apple Music and choose a song

4. Tap on New Playlist

Choose Add to Playlist

5. Name your playlist and tap Done

Name your playlist and you're done!

Sorted! ✅

What's your weirdest Music playlist name? Do you share your fav playlists with your friends? We'd love to hear from you!

Share this #iphonetipoftheday & stay tuned for more! Have a great day ♥️


Josh Brown
Josh Brown

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