BREAKING - Apple VR Technically CONFIRMED (proof)

Published by: Julia Nash

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

It was discovered that A9 chip is ready for VR 3D video playback, upcoming A10 chip in iPhone 7 will be 110% ready for VR video and gaming.

For the past 10 months, we’ve been working on our new app – WALTR 2. Our research includes video conversion testing and hardware playback tests. Typically, we’re testing high-compressed H.264, low-compressed H.264 with resolution from 720p up to 4K60fps. While we were doing R&D – we have found something.

Both A8 and A9 chips can easily decode H.264 up to 4K in 30fps. In the table below, we’ve included just a few results to make some things more visible:

4K60fps test passed for the A9 chip (!!)

From the table above we can see that top margin for read and decode H.264 stream for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus A8 chip is 60-70 Mbit/sec. While A9 chipset increases it to 100-120 Mbit/sec. So 4K 60fps test has passed successfully.

What does this all mean?

Application of this computing power can be different. The one we like most: VR.

Here’s the deal:

High-quality (360 3D) VR video requires at least two 4K stream (for 2 eyes). 4K brings enough detail to make the experience smooth in 120Mbit/s.

To render a VR sphere in high detail – it requires at least 4K video. 360 VR at 1080 resolution is blurry and lacks sharp details. For a VR 3D video experience – it takes two 4K videos (for 2 eyes). 120mbit/s read and decode capability is able to decode two average-compressed 4K streams simultaneously. Previous generation of A8 processors was not able to do this.

So technically, iPhone as a VR 3D video player is possible. OR A9 and A10 chipsets can become a part of Apple’s future VR project. Well at least we now know that they technically meet the requirement. 3D VR gaming is different stuff – it requires additional video chipset tests.


A9 chip can already handle VR video playback – then the new A10 chip inside iPhone 7 will be 110% technically prepared for VR video & gaming.

When is it going to be released? …Good question. To Tim Cook.


Julia Nash
Julia Nash

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