Black Screen on YouTube and How You Can Fix it

Published by: Julia Nash

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Black Screen Matters!!!

YouTube’s bufferring issue (aka Black Screen) is a rare bird for most of the users. However, a few ‘lucky ones’ might be stuck with it on a regular basis.

It’s nothing of YouTube’s fault, so don’t blame it just yet. Most of the times the issue is caused by dozens of reasons, and all of them are in your power to change.

YouTube is certainly great for creating videos and viewing videos, but since it's an online service – it depends on too many things: Internet connection, your browser, location and more. The green Diagram below focuses on the most spread reasons that cause “Black Screen” on YouTube. 


How to solve a black screen problem

If you turned off AdBlocker, cleared cookies & history but the black screen is still there, you have some other workarounds to try these:

Option 1. Disable HTML5 Player

Quite a number of Google Chrome users report that HTML5 Player, that’s built in Chrome, might be the cause. Go here to disable HTML5 Player. Or head to the Settings > Advanced > System and uncheck ‘Use Hardware acceleration when available’.

Disable HTML5 Player

Option 2. You are using Firefox

Black Screen on YouTube is not at all new to Firefox users – the issue has been reported way too often. To have the issue resolved, clear the cache files and cookies. Open Firefox tools, select Options > Privacy and choose Custom Settings from the drop down menu and delete cookies.

You also should disable hardware acceleration on Firefox. To get this done, go to your browser’s options > Advanced and uncheck ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’. At last you can simply restart your browser.

Option 3. Stay Updated!

If you are a Firefix user, and all the tips above didn’t help you – perhaps, you are missing one of the updates. In Firefox open ‘Tools’, go to ‘Add-ons’ > ‘Extensions’ and install ‘No Script’ update. Go and watch your video 😉

Option 4. Audio’s fine, image isn’t

If it’s your situation, then make sure you don’t have 2 or more browsers open. If yes – close one of them. Also, as one of the probable solutions, reinstalling your flash player might do the trick.

Option 5. Switch to the offline mode

In most of the cases a good downloading app like Softorino YouTube Converter can get a video to your computer or iPhone, so you can watch it in the offline mode. The download is fast, so it won’t keep you waiting. It hardly can solve the problems with streaming you have, but this is one of the wayouts, if you badly need to watch some video.

How to solve a black screen problem with SYC 2

Bottom Line

YouTube is your best source of fun, but it’s useless if the videos simply aren’t loading. However, wih a little effort you can solve ‘YouTube’s Black Screen’ issue completely.

P.S. Share this article with your friends & let us know in the comments section what tip actually helped you!


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