22 Best Productivity Apps in 2021 (iOS, Android, & More)

Published by: Natali Solovyova

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Boost productivity, stay focused, and get more done with these 22 productivity apps!

Your world is full of a thousand distractions that keep you from accomplishing your goals, use any of these useful applications to save time, be more organized, and stay focused.

1. CamScanner (Android - iOS)


Seriously, what normal human being uses an actual copy machine nowadays? The only thing you should need to scan documents is right in your pocket.

CamScanner has made my life a thousand times easier this past year and I guarantee it’ll do the same for you.

Price: Free basic plan, $4.99/month for premium features

2. Google Drive (Android - iOS)

Google Drive

There’s a big chance that you already have this app on your phone, because it’s pretty much mandatory for organizing all of your documents, files, images in one place.

If you’re a Google Docs, Sheets, or Gmail user like me... then Google Drive will likely be at the center of your file-sharing universe.

Price: Free up to 15gb storage, $1.99/month up to 100GB, $2.99/month up to 200GB.

3. Evernote (Android - iOS)


Evernote is awesome if you’re the type of person to jot down notes and thoughts onto paper before typing them into your phone.

Take a photo of your written notes and have them imported into text format with Evernote!

Price: Free basic plan, $7.99/month premium plan

4. Dashlane (Android - iOS)


Unless you’re dumb like me and use the same password for everything, then keeping track of passwords for all of your different accounts is going to require some help.

Dashlane is the best password manager apps out there in 2020, because it generates strong passwords for you and analyzes/protects all of your account passwords.

Price: Free for 50 passwords, $4.99/month for unlimited passwords and devices.

5. Pocket (Android - iOS)


Pocket is what your internet browser’s bookmarks should be. All of those articles you love and want to go back too… all in one organized place.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve saved an article in my bookmarks only to never read it again.

Keep all of your favorite articles in one place and stop wasting time searching for them twice.

Price: Free plan, premium plan ($4.99/month or $44.99/year)

6. Buffer (Android - iOS)


Buffer is a great solution for social media influencers, bloggers, any tech professional really... to manage, schedule, and post social media updates from one single app.

If your business or livelihood depends on social media to thrive, then Buffer is seriously indispensable.

Price: Free for 3 accounts, $15 monthly for 8 social accounts

7. Folder Colorizer 2 - (Windows)

Folder Colorizer 2

Folder Colorizer 2 is a neat Windows app that allows you organize your workflow by easily labeling your most important folders with specific colors.

All you do is right click the folder you want to remember and choose any unique color you want!

It might seem like a small thing, but having your files and folders organized well will help you stay crazy productive.

Price: Free to try, $9.95 for 1-year license with unlimited support

8. Adobe Acrobat Reader (Android - iOS)

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader for Android  and iOS is simply the best app for working with PDF files on-the-go.

Highlight, sign, and annotate PDFs all from your iPhone or Android device. And the best thing is… it’s free!

Price: Free, or $14.99/month for premium features

9. Focus (iOS - Mac - Apple Watch)


If you’re like me and prefer to work in short bursts as opposed to grinding out 3 hour long sessions, then Focus is the app for you!

Focus uses the Pomodoro Technique to help manage your time and work in intervals of 25 minutes at a time.

This technique is proven to help users be as productive as possible with the time allotted and Focus makes it easy to track your progress towards your goals.

Price: $.99 one-time download on the App Store

10. Google Keep (Android - iOS)

Google Keep

Google Keep is an underrated app for making simple lists, notes, voice memos, and organize them all by color, category, and more.

This app is the best for minimalistic people that just want a to-do app that’s simple and looks clean.

Price: Completely free

11. Slack (Android - iOS)


Slack is the best team communication app out there right now.

Whether you work in a huge company together with hundreds of people or a small 3-person team in a startup, Slack helps you collaborate and stay on goal effectively.

This app also allows you or your team to integrate apps like Google Drive and Dropbox to make file-sharing more seamless.

Price: Free with $6.67/month Standard plan, and $12.50/month Plus plan.

12. Hemingway Editor 3 (Windows - macOS)

Hemingway Editor 3

Hemingway is one of the most useful tools for professionals who write often. Whether it be sales emails, blogs, even books… Hemingway helps you write more clearly and effectively.

Hemingway analyzes your writing and highlights long sentences that can be trimmed to ensure you aren’t meandering too much.

The desktop application offers offline access for those writers who write from places with crappy WiFi.

Price: $19.99 for unlimited use of their desktop app

13. Loop (Android)


Loop is a fantastic app that helps you build strong habits by setting reminders and tracking progress towards long or short-term goals.

For those with more complex schedules, Loop allows you to create habits and goals to be accomplished 3 times a week, every other day, or once every other week.

Loop Habit Tracker is currently only available on Android devices, but here is an awesome alternative for iOS.

Price: Free and open-source for Android

14. Todoist (Android - iOS)


Todoist is an app that helps you organize all of your tasks so you know exactly what to prioritize and tackle next.

You can map out your goals, highlight what’s the most important, and measure your progress all with one simple app.

Like many other productivity apps, you can integrate some of your favorite programs like Dropbox, Google Calendar, and Zapier.

Price: Plans range from free, $3 a month, to $5 a month

15. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint (Android - iOS)

MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint

The Microsoft suite has been the go-to productivity app package for desktops for the last 20 years.

Now that smartphones are overtaking laptops in usage, nothing has really changed. Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are still essential for all working professionals.

Luckily, Microsoft has made these three apps from Microsoft Office incredibly easy and intuitive to use even on iPhones and Android devices.

Support for file sharing services like Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive allow for easy collaboration.

Price: Free for basic viewing and editing, Office365 subscription for full features.

16. Monefy (Android - iOS - Windows)


Monefy is the app for keeping track of your money expenditures.

Managing your own money or a family budget can sometimes be tough. But with Monefy, you can control all the expenses by dividing them into categories or creating the customized ones.

You’ll see how much you spent on food, transport, sports and so on.

What’s more, you can choose the currency and synchronize the data with your Dropbox account.

Price: free.

17. 1Password (macOS - Google Chrome)


If you are too forgetful to keep in mind all your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram and many other passwords, this app is definitely for you. (Unless you forgot all of them at once)

Add all the accounts and manage your passwords in one place. This is time-savvy as you won’t need to memorize (and recall) those lengthy word-figure combinations.

The app can also generate a bunch of passwords for you. This is useful when you’re out of fantasy and all your passwords are something like Jack1985.

Price: free 30-day trial; then it’ll be $2.99 per month for 1 person and $4.99 for a family subscription (up to 5 people).

18. Things (macOS - iPhone + Apple Watch - Android)


Get your things done with… Things! This is an organizer for all the stuff you have to, want to or plan to do.

Things provide you with various categories like “Upcoming”, “Someday”, “Anytime” etc. This way you can schedule your plans or simply keep in mind that you have to drink water at 3pm each day or start doing yoga.

You can also make checklists, create headings to them and quickly find your to-dos using a search bar.

Price: $49.99 for Mac, $9.99 for iPhone & iWatch and $19.99 for iPad; free trial provided for Mac.

19. PDF Expert (Mac - iOS)

PDF Expert

This is one of the best apps to transfer, modify and arrange your PDFs. This can be a small document or a 300-page book — it doesn’t affect the speed of the app.

PDF Expert supports Apple Pencil so that you could put signatures and make any remarks throughout the text. You can also highlight the text, cross it or use a bunch of other tools for making annotations.

What’s more, you can easily insert links or images and edit them. Everything is quite comprehensive and all the tools are intuitive.


20. Pomodoro (Mac)


Pomodoro is a time tracker for effective performance. The app is called after a time-management method invented by an Italian guy.

The main purpose is to divide your working time into 25-minute intervals and make short breaks between them. The app is available for Mac and as a website with a timer.

The app will help you not lose attention and concentrate on work during 25 minutes. This is a good option for those who get distracted even by a pencil.

Price: $2.99.

21. Mentimeter (iOS - Web)


Mentimeter is a Swedish software for more productive meetings and presentations.

The app helps keep track of the presentation or a meeting online, put your mark (or an emoji) for them and leave some feedback. What’s more, you can create presentations on your own just inside the app. They have a lot of nice templates and provide you with useful tips on how to make it informative and effective.

Create multiple choice tests, polls, receive questions from audience online… That’s not the whole list of stuff to do with Mentimeter. It’s cool that you may not be physically present during the meeting but communicate with all the participants.

Price: includes a free version; a basic pack ($9.99) and a Pro version ($24.99).

22. Agora Pulse (iOS - Android)

Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse is an ultimate SMM tool which helps you manage all your posts within all the social media you need.

Connect your Agora profile to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etc and post, duplicate or schedule all the stuff you need. Here, you can also answer Facebook messages, make a report for each social network and set date & time for your posts.

So if you always get confused with what and where to post, from now on, you can arrange and even create them in one place.

Price: free.


You’ve been looking for ways to improve your workflow and become as efficient as possible while maintaining that high quality you’re known for.

So do yourself a favor and start utilizing the endless technology the App Store and Google Play has to offer by checking out any of these great productivity apps.

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