10 Best Photo Editing Services for Your iPhone in 2022

Published by: Josh Brown

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Check out this list of photo editing services for iPhone that can help you handle even the most complex tasks. Find out all the pros and cons of these services and choose the one to enhance your image.

With the advent of social networks, we began to pay more attention to mobile photography. For example, Instagram has more than 2 billion active users at the moment. Software developers caught this trend and created apps for editing pictures right on your smartphone. You can find lots of options in AppStore.

However, their functions and purpose are different. Some applications are designed to work with color and light, others - to remove objects from the frame. Let's take a look at these 10 very popular and recommended photo editing apps and services for iPhone.

1. Adobe Lightroom Mobile – For Color Correction

Best Photo Editing Services For Iphone Adobe Lightroom Mobile


A huge range of image editing capabilities;


Pretty quick syncing;

Stunning results.


Not found

Adobe Lightroom Mobile is a functional and easy-to-use free photo editing app. This is a mobile and simplified version of Lightroom, a powerful desktop RAW photo editor. It can become an indispensable assistant for iPhone users who need to carry out basic corrections and improve their pics in a few clicks.

The Lightroom catalog sync feature is one of the strengths of this app. It allows a user to work with images taken with a smartphone or a DSLR camera. The program includes such image editing tools as exposure adjustment, bright and dark tones correction, various presets, support for editing photos in JPEG format, and more. The finished picture can be shared with friends on popular social networks.

2. FixThePhoto – For Getting High-Quality Photos from Professionals

Best Photo Editing Services For Iphone Fixthephoto


Professional team;

Speedy turnaround;

Impressive edited photos;

Day-and-night service support.



FixThePhoto has been providing professional photo retouching services for iPhone users and other shooters since 2003. A qualified team will assist you with portrait enhancement, color correction, group photo editing, and more. They also offer photo restoration and Photoshop manipulations. Besides, the company is going to release a convenient application for quick ordering via a smartphone. They also have a free trial.

As soon as you place an order, your task will be transferred to a specialist who will complete all the necessary edits. Experienced retouchers always take your personal style into account when working with your images. Moreover, you can specify your requirements and preferences. If you have some pictures as a sample, you can provide them. In case you want to do everything yourself, you can install Lightroom presets or/and Photoshop actions from the online FixThePhoto store.

3. Photoshop Express – For Basic Photo Retouching

Best Photo Editing Services For Iphone Photoshop Express


Fantastic choice of options;

Provides 2GB of storage;

Includes social media templates;

Great sharing capabilities.


All features are available after creating a free account

Adobe Photoshop Express is a mobile version of the world's most popular graphics editor. This app for photographers allows users to combine images, apply a variety of effects to them, share finished projects with friends on social networks, and so on.

Photoshop Express allows you to perform color correction and interact with your gadget's camera. It provides convenient tools for selection and retouching and also supports photos in any resolution. Unlike the desktop version, this application does not require any special skills. As a bonus, the developers provide each user with 2 GB of free space in the Creative Cloud storage.

4. WeEdit.Photos – With Fast Turnaround

Best Photo Editing Services For Iphone Weedit Photos


Uses encryption protocols to protect your data;

Reliable customer support all day long;

Qualified team;

High-end photo retouching.


Requires registration

WeEdit.Photos is an experienced team of photo retouchers delivering brilliant results in no time. You can visit their user-friendly website and look through hundreds of before/after images. One of the advantages of this service is the reliable protection of your data. This means that no one can use your photos for personal or commercial purposes.

Photo retouchers clearly indicate what changes they made with this or that picture. To send images to the team for reinforcement, you can use your email account or Dropbox. This is one of the best photo editing services for iPhone in terms of the variety of genres they work with. Their team can perform both full image editing and some specific manipulations, such as removing backgrounds, photo culling, basic photo enhancement, and more. You can send images in any format.

5. VSCO – A Variety of Filters

Best Photo Editing Services For Iphone Vsco


Straightforward, beautiful design;

Lots of different filters;

Decent editing options for exposure and color;

Possibility of manual editing.


Requires a paid account to use most filters;

Dark-mode isn’t available.

VSCO is a powerful photo editing app for iPhone with an excellent interface and many tools for digital image processing. There are many filters, effects, templates, frames available that will help you turn your ordinary amateur photos into works of art. The Preview Gallery function will allow you to evaluate the changes made to the picture. The toolkit is quite good for adjusting the parameters of the built-in camera. You can set the focus mode, shutter speed, color balance, exposure, etc.

The Journal platform allows you to publish photo stories using several images. Try complementing them with your comments and explanations to create a sense of presence. App synchronization is available for various types of devices: Android, iPad or iPhone. This means that pictures taken on one compatible device can be edited on another. Of course, you can share your work with friends and relatives through social services like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

6. Snapseed – For Working with RAW Files

Best Photo Editing Services For Iphone Snapseed


There are no ads and payments;

Awesome set of high-end presets and tools;

RAW file support;

Simple photo editing with sliders.


Lack of photo-specific social network

This is one of the most requested photo retouching services for iPhone. This app has a great set of tools and is easy to use. It is suitable for adjusting contrast, sharpening, color correction, cropping and straightening. The Healing Tool, custom settings, and other advanced editing options are also available.

Moreover, you will find many unique filters. With them, you can apply various effects, achieve the desired color shades, and turn ordinary pictures into pieces of art. When you’ve finished, all you have to do is tap once to share your photo on Instagram, WhatsApp, or save it to your smartphone. Just click on the icon on the screen, and it will be downloaded to your phone. This app is the perfect solution for beginner photo editors.

7. Facetune 2 – For Face Retouching

Best Photo Editing Services For Iphone Facetune 2


Great retouching and face-modification features;

Stunning reshaping options;

User-friendly interface;

Trial period for paid modules.


Most features are available through subscription or in-app purchases;

May freeze.

If you need a reliable portrait enhancement app, then this is the one for you. Moreover, it is suitable for working with object and landscape pictures too. The photo retouching menu bar includes free tools for whitening, softening, adding a matte effect to the skin, and other features to remove imperfections from portraits. You will have to pay for more advanced options, such as large cheeks or other parts of the body.

To speed up photo editing, you can use a collection of built-in filters. There are also various tools that will help you add more aesthetic value to your pictures. For example, you can paint over the desired parts of the picture using the "Paints" menu, add highlights, vignette, adjust graininess and exposure. By applying the defocus option, you can make the background blurred by moving your finger over the picture. Besides, you can adjust the intensity of the effects.

8. PicsArt – For Adding Stickers

Best Photo Editing Services For Iphone Picsart


Impressive bundle of tools and effects;

Drawing capabilities;

Amazing filters with good adjustment capabilities;

Layered effects.


Free version contains ads;

Sometimes works slowly.

PicsArt is a multifunctional Photoshop app with a range of photo editing options. You can perform color correction, use masks, change the resolution, control brightness and contrast, add frames, text, highlights, various effects, and more.

Besides, you can create stunning collages and photo grids. You can choose the background in the collage yourself. The app includes a lot of presets and templates. You can apply a wide variety of filters that will make your photo look completely different.

9. Pixlr – For Photo Styling

Best Photo Editing Services For Iphone Pixlr


Google Drive support;

Tons of filters;

Masks and layers;

Simple UI.


Annoying ads;

Inferior to competitors in terms of features;

Pixlr contains both some basic photo editing tools and some advanced options. Besides adjusting the standard settings, removing the red-eye effect, and cropping your images, you can add stickers, captions, and work with textures. The service contains a good selection of free effects to help you achieve the style you want.

Instagram bloggers consider Pixlr to be one of the best photo editing services for iPhone thanks to the ability to add captions to pictures. There are many fonts to choose from. Plus, you can create amazing collages.

10. Phonto – To Add Text to the Photo

Best Photo Editing Services For Iphone Phonto


Simple interface;

Includes over 400 fonts;

Supports third-party fonts;

You can rotate text.


A bit slow;

Sharing options should be improved.

Phonto is a simple photo editing app for iPhone that allows you to decorate pictures with text. In addition to various fonts, there is also a large set of stars, hearts and other stickers. You can change their color and angle using your finger or arrow keys. If necessary, you can move the finished text, change its angle, and achieve the perfect position.

Stencil letters provide an interesting appliqué effect. You can use Software Tools to add fonts to the collection on your smartphone if the built-in collection is not enough. In-app purchases allow you to install and change themes blocked in the free version. Despite being easy to use, this app has quite a rich feature set.

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