Apple Killed Off iPod Nano & Shuffle, but we didn’t!

Published by: Julia Nash

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

iPod is dead?

We say – hell no!

Just yesterday (July 27, 2017) Apple discontinued iPods Nano and Shuffle.This was the major news of the day, featured on all the tech publications. But – Save your goodbyes for later. 🙂

iPod has been ground-breaking for the music industry. It literally changed the way we listen to music. Even 15 years after its release it has loots of fans all over the world. The most important news – you still can use it, even if Apple gave up on the legendary device.

At Softorino we also are huuuge fans of the iPod. Here’s a peek at the iPod collection at our headquaters. We still use them for music listening!

All iPods

Be sure – both WALTR 2 and SYC 2 support all Apple iPods ever released. Starting from original iPod and ending with 6th gen iPod touch.

Softorino apps will load music on iPod Shuffle & Nano, even if iTunes drops the support for them. The transferring process will be as easy and seamless as it always was.

Almost a month after MP3 music format was terminated, another witness of 2000’s music revolution – iPod is fading too. We put together quick iPod timeline to remind you all the good times.

iPodding through the years

2001, October – The story begins: Steve Jobs unveils the first iPod to the public. It results into 125,000 sales in just 6 months.

2002, July – Apple rolls out 2nd generation of iPod Classic, now it has 20GB of storage space. A month later, it also becomes available for Windows users.

2004, January – introduction of new iPod Mini. The device is available in different colors for the first time. By this time total iPod sales passed the 2-million mark.

2004, October – Apple unveils the new iPod photo (remember it?). The device has 60GB storage and is able to display photos for the first time.

iPod Photo

2005, January – the iPod Shuffle is rolled out to the public. The device is the smallest iPod for that time and features no display.

2005, September – Apple replaces iPod Mini with iPod Nano, that’s even tinier. It’s available only in black or white, it has a color display and a grey click wheel.

2007 – the iPod Classic gets a whole new look – instead of black and white plastic case, it’s now aluminium. It features 160 GB of storage capacity. The battery life is significantly increased.

2007 – Apple rolls out the very first iPod touch. It runs on iOS and has all iPhone’s features except for making calls.

2009 – Apple releases 5th generation of iPod Nano. It’s packed with a larger screen and a camera.

2010, September – iPod Nano gets a huge update. Now it features a touch screen & users can wear it as a watch.

iPod Nano

2010, September – Apple unveils new iPod touch 4th gen. It’s now packed with a front-facing camera for FaceTime.

2012, September – the 7th and final generation of iPod Nano is unveiled to the public. It’s the thinnest iPod Nano ever made & features 16 GB of storage.

2014, September – Apple kills off iPod Classic, 7 years after its last update.

2017, July 27 – Apple discontinued iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle, while updating iPod touch with bigger storage capacity.

Bottom Line

iPod has been huge for the entire tech industry. 12 years after the release – iPod Nano & Shuffle are discontinued. But good news – there’s still an easy, reliable way to fill them up with music. Both WALTR and SYC 2 work well with any Apple iPod and this is not going to change any time soon. 🙂

Julia Nash
Julia Nash

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