Folder Colorizer Speaks German, Spanish, Chinese & more

Published by: Natali Solovyova

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Boo-yah! Guess who just got an awesomely-cool update?

Folder Colorizer, that’s right!

The good old Folder Colorizer goes international. It now speaks: English, Chinese, German, Ukrainian, Russian and Spanish. We translated both UI & installer. Now it’s easier than ever to color-code your folders.

How do you change the language?

  • Click on the Menu icon

  • Select ‘Language’ > choose the desired one.


How to change a language in Folder Colorizer 2

It’s no secret, that many of you have been asking for this update for quite some time. Well, it’s finally here. Hopefully, it will help you customize the app & folders and improve your overall UX.

[Btw, you can also start learning a new language :D]

One more thing…

We also added the option for you to share news about Folder Colorizer on Facebook. Go try it right now!

Originally introduced in 2011, Folder Colorizer 2 provides you with straightforward user experience – the ability to change folder color in 1-click, as if it’s been pre-built into the system. With FC 2, you can organize your work and increase productivity. Only one right-click on a folder and it turns red, green or any other color possible!


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